Snake Eyes 653d

These unique driver heads combine a newly developed DAT16V ultra-strong beta titanium with a Reactive Cup Face (RCF) design to deliver more distance and accuracy off the tee. The 653D (Distance) features a 440cc head size with a tall 60mm face height. It also features the RCF, which is engineered with a thicker dimension on the lower half of the face, then a slight step to a thinner dimension on the top portion, to increase launch without increasing spin rates.

Killer Bee

This clubhead is designed for players of all levels who are looking for increased distance. At 460cc, the Yellow Hornet is still legal, but its heel-to-toe and front-to-back dimensions make this driver look much bigger at address. A low, rearward weighting system increases the driverís launch angle.

No wonder Pat Dempsey, former ReMax World Long Drive Senior Champion and 2006 Iceman International Long Driver winner, is playing a Yellow Hornet this year.

Viper W

The Viper W Ti-462 driver head features the maximum allowable size by the USGA, 460cc. The Viper W incorporates twin rear screw weight ports for ball flight customisation, as well as offset hosels to shift the center of gravity farther back from the face to hosel centreline, increasing launch angle while reducing slicing.

The exquisite pink metallic body paint with darker pink trim and crystal mirror sole make the heads look as attractive as they play.

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