hybrid (rescue clubs)


The 653TH features innovative function in a tour hybrid size. Dual screw weight ports with 10-gram adjustable copper screws are positioned in the rear heal and toe. Taper progressive sole rails cut through higher grass without hampering performance in tighter lies or from fairway bunkers. The MAS900H ultra-high strength steel cup face delivers a hot feel. This design also features a slightly offset hosel preferred by better players.

Quick Strike Q3

Since the first model was introduced in 2000, Quick Strike hybrids have been the best-selling hybrids among custom clubmakers. The sole of the Q3, the third generation of the popular series, has been re-engineered to slope up toward the back half of the head, making it more playable and less likely to skip into the ball on tight fairway lies. Its twin copper-tungsten heel-and-toe weights are now farther rearward, raising the moment of inertia (MOI) for better distance and accuracy on shots hit off-centre.

Viper W

The Viper W hybrid heads feature a slight offset hosel and interchangeable twin weight ports to give the distance of a fairway wood with the accuracy of an iron.

Each hybrid head is shipped with a weight port wrench and guide to customising ball flight.

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