We offer an extensive range of services including...

  • custom fit clubs
  • regripping
  • reshafting
  • club repairs
  • loft and lie
  • counter - balancing
  • retro fitted

custom fit clubs

As a members of GCA we are confident that we can make a high end, custom fit and custom made set of clubs that will improve your game - at a price you can afford. By visiting our web site we assume two things:

You have arrived at that time in your golf life that you are ready for a custom fit and custom made set of golf clubs, and...

You understand that when you purchase off-the-rack and store bought clubs you are often paying twice the price of custom fit and custom made clubs and receiving a product that is not made for you and does not enhance your game - and often can detract from your game.

Why custom fit?


A correctly fitted grip will result in good feel and control of the club during the swing.

A grip that is too large will create tension and will restrict wrist movement (or pronation) which may cause an open face at impact.

A grip that is too small may cause over active hands that can cause a closed clubface at impact.

A golfer has to feel comfortable with the final grip size decision, Grip composition and shape are purely personal.

Glove size is a fairly good indicator of the correct grip size a golfer should use;

  • XL - XXL = Mid Size or Jumbo
  • L-ML = + 1/64" or 1/32
  • M = Std
  • S = -1/64

When to change your grips:

  • every two years at least or more frequently depending on usage
  • When grips become smooth and unable to control club
  • When grips become damaged through lack of care/twisted or split, indentations left from constant use
  • When your not happy with the feel
  • Check out the website for an extensive range of grips to suit all needs


If you dont want to change your clubs, why not try Reshafting your old clubs, have your swing speed tested and analyzed to see which shaft in our catalogue suits you, look for the RSSR (Recommended Swing Speed Range) column for each shaft.

We can provide this test for you with our own on site Swing Speed Analyser, you might find that your currant shafts no longer suit you as they once did in our youth? if you have steel shafts why not try Graphite? it's strong, lighter and lighter means you will be able to generate more club speed.

club repairs

Most golfers have an old favourite club lying somewhere in the garage or loft, for some sentimental reasons of past golfing glories they think it cant be repaired or they imagine the cost of repair will be to high to get it repaired, most clubs can be brought back to their former glory at a fraction of the cost of a new one (if it can be found) phone us or email for a quote it will be worth it.

loft and lie

Ever wondered why all your shots go to the right or left? even when you have lined yourself up and your swing is good, the problem is not you it is your golf clubs (this time you can blame your tools), because we all come in different shapes and sizes and the golf manufactures mass produce golf clubs, there will have to be some adjustments made to our clubs to suit us.

It is crucial that the lie angle is determined using a dynamic test, as shaft droop will alter the actual lie at impact.

If the iron angle is to upright the ball will fly to the left of the target with a hook spin (the sole of the club is contacting the ground towards the heel of the club).

If the iron angle is to flat then the ball will fly right with the slice spin (the sole of the club is contacting the ground towards the toe of the club). Ideally all your clubs should be checked but the lower you club the greater this fault is exaggerated,

Once we have checked your lie of each club we can then check the lofts of your clubs this is to prevent overlapping of your clubs and to ensure you have the correct increments between each club. Remember this should be done to all new and old clubs alike.

counter - balancing

What is counter - balancing?

Counter-balancing is adding Weight to the butt end of the club without decreasing the mass of the club head. Counter-balancing moves the balance position closer to the players hands resulting in a club that is easier to swing.

Who benefits?

Potentially all players can benefit from Counter-balancing , Not only woods but irons as well.

Why play Counter-balanced clubs:

Significant improvement in distance control and accuracy. Shorter Birdie Puts

retro fitted

Bought your new clubs off the shelf? got a good deal? didn't have them customised to fit you?, To get full value for your money get them retro-fitted, Have your shafts checked are they the right lengths?/stiffness to suit your swing, Have your loft and lie checked ( you want your clubs to suit you and not you adjust to suit your clubs)